3 Common Website Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2023


If you want to get rapid success in business, you must have a smart and functional website designed by a professional website design agency in UK. But, creating a website is not everything a business needs to survive. In fact, even after spending thousands of pounds on designing and developing a website, it may not give you the result that you want.

This happens because business owners often make common mistakes that may look simple but can have a huge impact on your overall website design and development project.

Let’s see what these mistakes are and how you can avoid them.

Mistakes in Web Design You Should Avoid

Not Prioritising Smart and Easy Navigation

People visit your website to find information and not to experience a virtual maze. So, if you ignore easy, fast and smart navigation on your website, it will annoy your viewers. In fact, first-time users often choose to leave a website because different pages and sections in a website are not easy to access. Poorly configured navigation layout and menu can ruin all your effort in creating the website. You should always try to keep the sitemap easy to understand for your viewers.

Not Considering the Importance of Columns and Grids

The technique of organising content with the application of float, flexbox, breakpoints, etc., is an old style. There was a time when this style was not only popular but considered a great success. Now, the scenario of web design has changed a lot. If your website designer ignores the significance of CSS grids and guides to create an alluring and responsive website, it will be considered a major mistake. With the help of CSS grids and guides, designers can offer a flawless user experience with automatically segmented content aligned by columns and rows.

Cluttering Up the Pages with Excess Content

Your viewers should get relevant and sufficient information about your business, products and services on your website pages. But, it should not look like a Wikipedia page where long paragraphs about a certain topic are published. Web pages with excess text, video, images or other types of content irritate visitors. Keep white space and use them strategically to offer an eye-catching view to your visitors.

With the help of a reliable and experienced Website Design Agency in the UK, you can easily avoid these mistakes. GoBig Digital is one such company. We have highly qualified website designers and developers who can provide you with impressive, smart and functional websites according to your requirements and budget.