SEO Client Case Study: Mesh4


Mesh4 Ltd are wholesale distributors of one of the widest ranges of ground reinforcement, geotextiles, netting, fencing, shading and weed control products, including the renowned Tenax brand.

Originally the business was trading under a different name for a number of years, until November 2017 which is when the company rebranded.

A new website was built, which was largely invisible given it was on a brand new domain; the former domain was transferred to a different division of the business, meaning the authority, although small, couldn’t be carried across to the new domain.

With any new website, search visibility is key. However, it will not happen, certainly not at pace, without search engine optimisation.

Embarking on an SEO campaign, we identified some key areas for improvement:

  • Product descriptions, to include keywords
  • Blogs
  • Improving website conversion rates through a product enquiry button
A graph detailing a steady increase in website traffic in our years of working with Mesh4

The website is now ranking for 331 keywords in the UK search, with good domain and page authority. In a competitive landscape, with the likes of eBay and Amazon to contend with, constant attention is needed to ensure keywords remain on page one in the organic search rankings.

The website now has regular traffic, which has increased over a period of time, meaning more inbound enquiries come through for the sales team to respond to. Without an investment into SEO, this would have been impossible and solely outbound sales-driven, which is unsustainable for most businesses.

With any SEO keyword campaign, we always explain to clients that it takes 3-12 months to reach page one for keywords. Sometimes, luck can strike and you very quickly reach page one, however, SEO is a long term investment in your business and it is much more sustainable than pay per click, on the basis that if you switch PPC off, your traffic will drop overnight. SEO usually leads to a steady quarterly increase in traffic, which doesn’t drop off as quickly if you stop. The main risk of stopping search engine optimisation is that if your competitors are investing in it, they may overtake you again, especially if the Google algorithm updates are unfavourable for you.