The top nine social media trends for 2024

The top nine social media marketing trends for 2024


Social media marketing has become one of the integral parts of a business’s digital strategy. As technology evolves, marketers are also trying to stay updated with the current market trends helping to establish a better target audience and drive business growth.

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The top social media trends to follow in 2024

1. Video dominance continues:

Video content has been a dominant force and this will likely continue in 2024. Short-form videos, live-streaming, and interactive video features are expected to be popular. Platforms may invest in enhancing video capabilities to keep users engaged.

2. Augmented reality (AR) integration:

The integration of augmented reality into social media experiences may become more prevalent. AR filters, lenses, and effects in stories or posts could offer users more creative and immersive ways to share content.

3. Content evolution:

Ephemeral content, such as stories on Instagram and Snapchat, will likely evolve. Features like disappearing messages, updates, and collaborative stories may become more sophisticated and widely adopted.

4. Niche communities and micro-influencers:

Social media platforms may continue to see the rise of niche communities and the importance of micro-influencers. Brands focus on smaller, highly engaged audiences, and users may gravitate towards communities that align with their interests.

5. AI and personalisation:

Artificial intelligence will likely play a more significant role in social media, aiding in content curation, personalised recommendations, and targeted advertising. Users may experience more tailored feeds based on their preferences and behaviours.

6. Social commerce expansion:

Social commerce has been growing, and it’s expected to expand further in 2024. Features that facilitate seamless shopping experiences directly within social platforms, such as Instagram Shops and Facebook Marketplace, could see more widespread adoption.

7. Digital wellbeing and mental health features:

With an increased focus on digital wellbeing, social media platforms may introduce more features to monitor and manage screen time, promote positive interactions, and address concerns related to mental health.

8. Voice and audio experiences:

Voice-based and audio content, as seen with the popularity of podcasts, may become more integrated into social media platforms. Live audio chats, voice posts, and interactive audio features could gain traction.

9. Blockchain and decentralisation:

Data privacy and security concerns may lead to increased interest in blockchain technology for social media. Decentralised platforms, where users have more control over their data, could emerge as a response to privacy issues.

These trends represent potential directions for social media in 2024, but the landscape may evolve based on technological advancements, user behaviours, and unforeseen global events. Businesses and users must stay adaptable and responsive to emerging trends in the dynamic social media environment.

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