How important can good content writing be for your business?


It’s one thing having a sharp looking website and social media – populating them with content is the way to draw in potential readers, getting them to notice your business and get them interested in what you have to offer. But, a big way that they could just stay as readers, and not convert to customers, is when they read the post, or your website, and it just doesn’t catch their attention and engage with them.

What was it that turned them away? Could it have been the imagery or could it have been the content that was written about the subject? Having a hook in the first few sentences can be the make or break of someone wanting to first read your content, way before wanting to become a customer for the advertised product or services. Studies show that 55% of readers typically only look at content for fewer than 15 seconds, so thanks for sticking with us so far!

It could be a phrase, or even just a word that is able to draw in the attention of the reader to make them continue on and potentially become engaged with the content. The most common attention grabbing words do vary, but the most popular are:

  • Instantly 
  • Immediately
  • Unleashed 
  • Sharp

And many others too. Don’t believe me? Go back and read the first sentence of the blog; those two little words can be the difference between you reading and just ignoring the content altogether. You might have just glossed over them, yet they were still there and could have been the factor that made you decide to start reading. The basis for any content writing needs to be strong and it all starts with that first line providing the pull to reel you in. However, that’s all well and good drawing in your readers, now you’ve got to get them interested – get them to think. Making your reader think about what you’re talking about can help your business or subject stay in their mind for longer and resonate with them for longer than just glossing over your content. Especially with a social media post; keeping the length of the paragraphs and sentences short and snappy can gain more attention and engagement.

You should use:

Short and informative sentences – easy to understand and quick to go through.

Information that will stick in your head, rather than going on and on about the same thing – just trying to reach that desired word count!

⏰ Content that will keep you engaged, as you feel it won’t take you long to read through it, while giving you the same information that a big paragraph could’ve given you. 

Just these little additions can make the difference in turning your content from being passed over to being read over, and engaging with your readers (prospective customers and clients). Make it more important to think through what you’re going to write for your content; thinking of who your audience are going to be and the platform you’re posting on. 

If it’s Twitter or Instagram, you know that your audience will be of a younger demographic, possibly just stumbling across your business for the first time. Anything you post has got to catch their eye and stand out to them. The layout and language are important to draw them in, however, images are just as important. What about a platform like LinkedIn? A professional social media platform, one of the most popular platforms in the world, more designed towards the professional outlook on business and where content needs to be tailored to become more formal. It still needs to not lose those touches of drawing in the attention that will be used on the other platforms. LinkedIn gives you a chance to expand on the information you might have given on either of the other social media platforms you might use. 

Good content writing can be a great asset for any business, if used correctly! Making sure to present your business in the best way possible – drawing in those viewers and converting them to customers.