Sharpstone provide Sales, Learning & Development consultancy to SME businesses within the UK. Their aim to to optimise sales growth by enhancing processes and systems in place, supported by the correct learning and development principles to ensure lasting impact and create highly functioning sales teams within the business.

The solution

After our an initial consultation, it was agreed that by migrating to a new website, with the ability to host training material, blog articles and video content the business would be able to better showcase the value and experience it could bring to the table. In addition to this, by cultivating and captivating the right audience through SEO and Social Media, we were able to drive the right traffic, most likely to engage, with the Sharpstone brand.

The challenges

After 35 years leading businesses, the CEO and Founder of Sharpstone was looking to establish his presence and showcase the value he could bring to businesses.

They had a basic website built to act as a shop front, social media pages without engaging content and not being found by potential buyers, meaning visitors quickly bounced off the website without taking any action.

Sharpstone wanted the website to act as a shop window, whilst driving visitors to engage with resources and ultimately convert into web enquiries.

Despite having a strong personal network across various social media platforms, Sharpstone didn’t have the same audience, so ensuring the right people were seeing the right content was proving impossible.

Leads per month avg
Increase in web traffic
Return on investment

The results

Following the website migration, ongoing SEO development and Social Media Management, Sharpstone has enabled itself to be positioned as a thought leader within the industry and convert this presence into sales leads.

The business has seen a continued rise in website enquiries, by focussing on the customer journey, creating highly engaging content and ensuring the right persona is being found and engaged with.

Focussing on an organic digital strategy has removed the need for Sharpstone to spend money on expensive and ineffective paid for marketing and significantly reducing their cost of acquisition.

Sharpstone has seen continued increases in the engagement of it’s content, increased web visitors, reduced bounce rate and ultimately more customers.