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Growing your business through SEO in London

Search engine optimisation (SEO) in London is the most effective, sustainable way for your business to be found by more people. In short, SEO leads to more website traffic, of a higher quality, and thus potentially more enquiries and sales. 

Building on the shorter-term focus of PPC, SEO sets you up for a steady stream of ever-increasing organic traffic. Unless PPC, you’re not paying directly for clicks and instead, every £ spent is building a more sustainable future for your business’ search presence.

We can kick start your SEO journey in London with a free audit, where we will look at your website’s keyword rankings, backlinks, competitors and more. Best of all, they’re free for the time being. 

First things first, what is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of getting your website ranking for more keywords, and moving those keywords higher in the search rankings. SEO is all about boosting your website traffic; assuming your website is optimised, more traffic will lead to more enquiries and sales. 

How does SEO in London work?

Our approach to SEO in London involves tactical decisions based on the latest techniques and updates to each search engine’s algorithm. This is also combined with a specific SEO strategy that is adjusted to best suit your company. 

Check out some of the ways we can help your business with search engine optimisation in London below.

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Keyword Research

Our process for SEO in Hertfordshire and London begins with in-depth keyword analysis. We will highlight the best and most effective keywords to target with our SEO campaigns. Working in conjunction with you and your team, we will build a strong list of target search terms to optimise for.

Competitor Analysis

There are often very deliberate, mathematical reasons as to why your competition is ranking higher than you in the search engines. Competitor analysis identifies what they’re doing well & where our opportunities are to beat them within search engine rankings. This analysis will enable us to craft the best SEO strategy for your business.

SEO Audit of your website

This is an overall look at your website’s health in terms of SEO. There’s no use having expertly written content if your website isn’t focused around popular search terms, or isn’t quick to load. Our website audit will highlight everything we need to address to ensure your website is running and performing at the best level.

Building Backlinks

Backlinks are the most powerful way of providing ‘trust & authority’, which is what the search engine algorithms use to decide on what sites to show for searches. Backlinks need to be relevant, quality and from trusted sources if they’re going to help your search rankings out. Our link building strategy provides your website with an effective blueprint which Google, Yahoo, Bing and any other search engines will love.

Content Creation

Great content is what makes a website work. Your visitors want to see professionally-crafted, useful content. Google also needs to identify the value in your content if it’s going to rank in your favour. Using original, well-composed and effective content will be handsomely rewarded online.


We like to keep you up to date in real time. If you want a written report, that’s fine. If you want a video call or a meeting to discuss progress, even better! Many agencies will blind you with stats but we want to show you real results that you understand. 

Why do we need SEO agencies in London?

It’s simple. The higher your website pages rank in the search results, the more website traffic and clicks your site will generate.

SEO for your London business can also can improve website user experience, which makes it much more likely for customers to become not only first-time, but repeat buyers. On top of this, SEO is cost-effective when you use a trusted provider like GoBig Digital. Competitive industries can spend large amounts of money on paid website traffic through Pay Per Click, which ultimately you want to move away from and adopt a more natural, organic model.

Of course, you can still purchase ad space and we do advise you do this, but if you’re working within a tighter budget, SEO is a great way to drive qualified traffic to your site without putting extra budget into it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does social media affect SEO?

Not really. Most social media links are no-follow. However, if you’re social media channel drives targeted, interested traffic to your website, it can’t ever hurt.

How will I be kept up to date with the SEO campaign?

We will arrange regular meetings with you to keep you updated on the results of your SEO campaign, and you can also give us input into how you feel we can improve on different content to increase SEO keyword rankings and volumes.

How can we tell if the SEO is working?

An investment in SEO is mid-to-long term and unfortunately there are rarely quick wins. However, if it’s a particularly easy keyword, you could reach page 1 within 3-months. More competitive, national searches can take up to 12 months and beyond, so you have to be patient with SEO. We will send a progress report every single month, and look to refresh your keywords quarterly if we reach stagnation (I.E. you’re stuck at position 2 on page one for a long time). We’re value-driven and there’s no value if you’re not seeing any improvements!