Leysbrook is an estate agency based in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, offering a suite of sales, lettings and commercial management solutions to landlords throughout the local area and beyond.

They believe in providing a high level of customer service and applying unique strategies to achieve the best outcome for their clients.

The solution

After our an initial consultation, it was agreed that by creating a new website, with an optimised user journey, alongside monthly managed SEO and a marketing consultancy service, the business would be able to better showcase the value and experience it could bring to the table. In addition to this, by cultivating and captivating the right audience through SEO, we were able to drive the right traffic, most likely to engage, with the Leysbrook brand.

The challenges

There are a lot of estate agencies locally, many of whom are backed by big franchise budgets, and so customers have a lot of options. Additionally, Leysbrook do not have a high street presence, limiting offline enquiry potential. 

They had a basic website built to act as a shop front, social media pages with mixed content which was not being found by potential buyers, meaning visitors quickly bounced off the website without taking any action. 

Additionally, their SEO presence in its limited capacity was centred around Letchworth only, whereas the business also covers Stevenage, Hitchin and other areas with huge potential – we needed to convey this clearly and capitalise on it with a well executed SEO campaign.

Leysbrook wanted the website to act as a shop window, whilst driving visitors to engage with resources and ultimately convert into web enquiries in the form of valuation requests.

Listing fees
Revenue generated via Google

The results

The key marketing objective of the business is to generate valuations through the website.

In the 6-month period between June to November 2021, 8 valuations were generated through Google which resulted in £13,425 worth of listing fees, following successful completion of sales. This accounted for 6.5% of sales income.

In the 6-month period between June to November 2022, 15 valuations were generated through Google which resulted in £40,000 worth of listing fees, with more opportunities open. This accounting for 20% of sales income.

This was achieved through a managed SEO service, focused on local property sales.