‘Zero with an X’ – SEO Opportunity missed for Xero?

In a recent TV advert, we heard the voiceover artist request users search ‘zero with an x’ as the main call to action.

Of course, if you have the benefit of sight and are the familiar with the brand, you’ll know that ‘zero with an x‘ is ‘Xero’, the popular accounting and bookkeeping software. If however this advert is replicated on the radio, or those coming across it on the TV are hard of sight, this could create an element of confusion.

If Xero was a consumer-facing brand, arguably this would be a bigger issue, however, at the very least an opportunity, however small, may have been missed to rank against this long tail search term.

Whilst we’re sure everyone who works at Xero has to say they work at ‘Xero, with an x’ to people who ask where they work, perhaps there’s a better, more inclusive CTA that could’ve been used. Or, perhaps longer-term, there’s a requirement to emphasis the X in ero (like some people seem to do already).

Searches for ‘zero with an x’ throw up limited results, and it doesn’t appear to be searched for that often, which begs the question: is this really necessary?

Necessary or not, these are the questions a forward-thinking marketing agency will ask as part of any campaign planning process; the next question is: can we get this blog ranking for zero, with an x (duh!)?