SEO Client Case Study: Mesh4

Mesh4 Ltd are wholesale distributors of one of the widest ranges of ground reinforcement, geotextiles, netting, fencing, shading and weed control products, including the renowned Tenax brand. Originally the business was trading under a different name for a number of years, until November 2017 which is when the company rebranded. A new website was built, […]

Do I need to add a location to my keywords to help with SEO?

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Picture this. You’re a digital marketing agency in the UK. You throw yourself a backlink on this keyword on your most recent blog post. Now that’s got you thinking. Do you really want to or need to mention you’re based in the UK? You only service clients in the UK, but suppose you’d probably be […]

‘Zero with an X’ – SEO Opportunity missed for Xero?

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In a recent TV advert, we heard the voiceover artist request users search ‘zero with an x’ as the main call to action. Of course, if you have the benefit of sight and are the familiar with the brand, you’ll know that ‘zero with an x‘ is ‘Xero’, the popular accounting and bookkeeping software. If […]

How important can good content writing be for your business?

It’s one thing having a sharp looking website and social media – populating them with content is the way to draw in potential readers, getting them to notice your business and get them interested in what you have to offer. But, a big way that they could just stay as readers, and not convert to […]

Modern Web Design

If you look at how business has transformed over the past 20 years, and even more in recent years with the pandemic finishing the work the growth of platforms like Amazon started, the heavy transition to moving businesses online has emphasised just how important the internet is. Websites are a vital facilitator of sales and […]